Airshow Travel Group Trip 2023 – Oshkosh & Boneyard

Join me on an escorted group-led tour taking in one of the biggest and most mind blowing airshows you’ll ever see – EAA’s annual AirVenture Oshkosh!

Words cannot do justice to the vast array and variety of aircraft (static and displays) you’ll ever witness.

This week-long extravaganza of static, aerial displays, mock battles, night displays and fireworks is something that you’ve never experienced before. From every aspect of aviation: WW1, WW2, post war, homebuilds, general aviation, the latest in current military as well as commercial aircraft.

More than 10,000 aircraft and half a million flight enthusiasts make Wittman Regional Airport – the busiest airfield in the world – during the EAA’s annual AirVenture Oshkosh. Total aircraft on show in 2022 was 3,226, including: 1,375 registered in vintage aircraft parking, plus 1,156 homebuilt aircraft, 369 warbirds, 137 ultralights, 87 seaplanes, 77 aerobatic aircraft, and 25 rotorcraft.

Like a city, EAA AirVenture is made up of many neighborhoods, each with its own distinct personality and with a unique assortment of aircraft that you’ll only find at Oshkosh.

Boeing Plaza is AirVenture’s marquee display area that is home to many of the featured attractions, ranging from historic warbirds to the latest innovations in flight.

  • Homebuilts: marvel at craftsmanship and dedication as you walk among the thousands of homebuilt aircraft flown to Oshkosh.
  • Warbird Alley: see historic World War II, Korea and Vietnam-era military aircraft at one of the most popular attractions.
  • Vintage: take a trip way back in time to the early years of aviation where authentic and replica aircraft will bring you back to its roots.
  • Ultralights: take in the laid-back style the lighter side of Oshkosh offers.
  • Aerobatics: the world’s best aerobatic performers and their aircraft converge each year at Oshkosh.
  • Seaplane Base: take a shuttle down to the Seaplane Base, nestled deep in the trees in a picturesque cove along Lake Winnebago.
  • EAA Museum: make sure you visit this incredible museum with its hundreds of rare and unique airplanes. Access is included with your admission wristband.

There’s outdoor garden bars, places to eat, exhibits, kids activities centre, expos, workshops, training seminars, presentations from famous aviators, International Visitors tent, concerts, fireworks displays and more!

If you really want to treat yourself, don’t miss out on seeing the World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration® from above. There are plenty of opportunities to take flights at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh and gain a unique perspective of the massive convention grounds from a Ford Tri-Motor, Bell 47 Souix, a B-25 Mitchell bomber and more. My last trip I was in the nose cone of a B-17 Flying Fortress flying over the field looking below at P-51 Mustangs that were buzzing the field!

2023 is also the 70th anniversary year of EAA and no doubt they are set to make it even bigger than previous shows! The EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Oshkosh Airshow is one airshow you don’t want to miss!

For our 8 nights, 7 days at Oshkosh we will be staying in the university air-conditioned dorm rooms in Oshkosh itself. There are regular shuttles to/from the airshow are from the university.

To top this week off we will be visiting the Pima Air & Space Museum – A.K.A- “The Boneyard”, located in Tucson, Arizona – one of the world’s largest non-government funded aerospace museums. The museum has grown immensely and today encompasses six indoor exhibit hangars (three dedicated to WWII) across over 250,000 square feet of indoor display space. It also spans across 80 acres and has over 400 aircraft on display. Featuring about 400 historic aircraft, from a Wright Flyer to a 787 Dreamliner. Sitting on 80 acres, the museum opened its doors to the public in May of 1976.

Spending two nights here, we will experience The Tram Tour – a 45 minute narrated tour of the planes located in the outdoor display area of Pima Air and Space Museum. This tour will take us through the museum’s 80 acres on a 1.5-mile circuit. We will view more than 150 planes in their collection and hear highlights of significant aircraft. The second tour is a 45-minute walking tour of the Main Hangar of the museum. We’ll see some of the museum’s most popular aircraft on this tour, including the SR-71! After the tour, we will be able to explore the rest of the museum at our own pace.

Spaces for the incredible 10 night trip are REALLY LIMITED – so please, if you’re interested, don’t delay!

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